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This Excel document is not itself a workout plan. Instead, the code within it is designed to allow you to batch print your workout cards with one click of a button. No more clicking File-Print 100x for each one of your players – just click “Batch Print”, select which players’ workout cards you want to print, and print away!

This tool has the capacity to handle complex demands – you can complicate it as much as you’d like, or leave every player on one simple template, it’s up to you. The tool can handle 1) different classes of athletes and 2) injury modifications.

For example, let’s say you have three classes on your football roster – skill, mids, and bigs. Within those classes you can have workout cards modified for various injuries as you see fit. All you need to do is follow the customization directions to specify your classes and injury modifications, modify your templates as needed, and so long as your roster denotes each player’s class and injury modification (if applicable), one click of a button can print your entire roster’s workout.

With the ability to batch print and dynamically update lookup formulas according to an athlete’s particular one-rep maxes, you will save a ton of time tailoring your workout to the specific needs of each athlete and printing your workouts out. This was a tool I created as a GA at the request of a S&C staff that has been used for years now.

Coach Atkins

Efficiency is the name of the game! I’m hoping some of these tools will help coaches to accomplish more in less time, and find ways to gain meaningful insights & present information in new ways. They’ve certainly helped me in my time as a GA and Position Coach.

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