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Bringing together all coaching resources in one place to give you the tools you need to succeed

We coach because we enjoy it. Period. We put in too much time, effort, sweat, and emotions into coaching for there to be any other reason. A lot of coaches don’t even earn a salary, and most that do are drastically underpaid for the work that is done. So, at Coaching Share, we decided to build a place where coaches can help one another… and help themselves too. Browse the resources available brought to you by a great community of established, passionate coaches. Or, contribute today by signing up and selling your coaching materials today.

Our Mission

To provide coaches the resources they need to succeed


Coaching Share was founded by a current high school coach, Mike, who found himself constantly browsing different media, web sites, and going to clinics to develop his football knowledge base. He had often thought about how great it would be to have a centralized place for coaches to share their content and have the option to get paid for their hard work if they so choose. So, he decided to build a place for coaches to share their work.