Dynamic Special Teams Depth Chart



This is not just an ordinary ST Depth Chart. It updates as you make changes. This depth chart has been used at multiple D1 (FBS and FCS) programs over the past couple of years. I have used it myself and found great value in it on gameday. It has helped save me from substitution errors and late game personnel management issues.

You start by adding the names on your roster to the top section. I have found it is easiest to put them in alphabetical order. The next step is to add the players to the bottom sections for each specific unit. Make sure the spelling matches the name from the ‘Roster’ section. As you add all the names, you will see updates on the ‘Roster’ section. If a player is a starter on the Punt Team for example, a P and superscript 1 will appear next to the athlete’s name. This will work for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd stringers. After that, it will just signify a depth player.

This gives you the ability on game day to make adjustments quickly. For example, Johnny gets hurt in the 4th quarter of a close game. While you are usually in tune to the big 4 special teams units, the specialty units are often harder to memorize. You can look at his name and see he is a starter on the ‘Hands Team’. You will know you need to get his backup ready so it doesn’t sneak up on you at the most crucial time in the game.


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