Offensive Formation Recognition Quiz (For Defense)



This is a simple quiz I’ve used to educate and test the knowledge & retention of our defensive players when it comes to identifying offensive formations & backfield sets. Simply start the PowerPoint (View Show) and click thru it. An animation will show the offense as they break the huddle and get to the line of scrimmage, then prompts will ask the user to identify both the formation and backfield set.

The huddle break is a nice touch to help drive home the sense of urgency needed to identify formations and make calls accordingly.

Customization instructions are included within, but are quite simple. Everything is a text box which can be changed to fit your system as needed. No animations need to be changed, but instructions to do so are included as well, should you desire to add any additional slides with a new formation.

Coach Atkins

Efficiency is the name of the game! I’m hoping some of these tools will help coaches to accomplish more in less time, and find ways to gain meaningful insights & present information in new ways. They’ve certainly helped me in my time as a GA and Position Coach.

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