2021 Kansas City Chiefs Third Down Offense: Unpacking Greatness


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Hard Copy book by Brett Taveau


In the last 20 years there have been five offenses that have converted more than 50% of their third down opportunities. The 2021 Chiefs, the subject of this book, are the most recent to be above that mark. The Chiefs converted an impressive 53% of their third down opportunities in the 2021 season. This book unpacks one of the best third down offenses in NFL history. It pulls back the curtain and shows you how a future Hall of Fame coach, a generationally talented quarterback, an explosive group of skill position players and a rebuilt offensive line worked together to move the chains at a rate very few teams have done.

What you’ll see throughout is a beautiful marriage of old West Coast Offense concepts (Hank, Drive, Dagger), Air Raid Concepts (Sail, Mesh, Y-Cross) and modern spread wrinkles (Shovel, Jet Sweep, Packaged Plays). Andy Reid does a masterful job of striking a balance of core concepts that are carried over from week-to-week and evolving the offense with new wrinkles to take full advantage of the personnel on the roster and to counter what defenses are doing to slow them down.


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