Running Backs 101



The Running Back by Brandon Simmons / @Coach_BSimmons

What is a running back?
The beauty of the running back position is its simplicity. The primary ask is to effectively run the football for an
offense. Pick up positive yards. Protect the football. Protect the QB. In every play, you can utilize your
running back in various roles.

We build a playbook that highlights the importance of the alignment and assignment of the running back position.
Keep defenses honest by eliminating secondary’s sitting back and defending the pass with confidence or creating
more pressure on the QB with exotic blitzes.

Our running back is the key to our offensive output. The defense must respect his role on the field as a runner, pass
receiver, and blocker. Our playbook allows us to attack a defense with a pass for third and short or a run for third
and short.

Respect is earned.


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