Scouting Report Template (For Opposing Defenses



A simple and easily customizable Visio template for OFFENSIVE coaches to use to prepare for upcoming opponents. Everything can be quickly altered to fit a staff’s preferences, including colors and data. Examples are included on certain pages to show intent.

Contents include:

  1. Base defense – general structure of defense and personnel.
  2. Fronts – picture of top fronts with spots to include most popular blitzes and coverages played behind each front.
  3. Coverages – six box template to draw top coverages and list the percentage each one is played.
  4. Pressure Stats – breakdown of pressures by down/distance and field zones, as well as the percentage each pressure is called, with an area for a note on each pressure.
  5. Pressure Drawings – Template for drawing the top 4 pressures. Each blitz has 4 boxes including 2×1, 3×1, 2×2, and Slot formations to show how the blitz changes vs different looks.

Upon purchasing you will download a zip file to access the Visio document.



TEs Coach/Run Game Coordinator at William and Mary

I make templates, data sets, and other useful documents to help coaches be more efficient.

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