The 2023 Baltimore Ravens Complete Offensive Manual


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The Ravens revamped their offense in 2023, and it certainly paid off. They brought Todd Monken in to be the offensive coordinator. Monken brought years of experience across many systems. Most recently, he was the architect of the back-to-back national champion Georgia Bulldog offense.

Over the years, Baltimore unleashed a heavy personnel ground assault. They often featured read and keep elements using Lamar Jackson’s skillset to its maximum. The 2023 offense kept a lot of these elements, while growing in other areas as well.

Baltimore featured Counter as their staple run play in 2023. They called GY, GU/F, GT, and CT Counter. They tagged the front side tight end to handle different fronts, and tagged the backside tight end(s) in a variety of ways to allow Jackson to read the EMOL. They complimented Counter with outside zone and inside zone, often building reads and RPO’s with them as well.

The Ravens were straight up explosive off play action in 2023. Using various Cross/Sail concepts got their speedy receivers and versatile tight ends behind the defense. They also mixed in play action variations on some of their base drop back concepts.

In the drop back game, Monken and the coaching staff found ways to keep the scheme “complicated enough” to give the offense answers, while still giving Lamar the ability to play fast.

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